L-1 at Brenda K's Fire LFD Title Bar L-1 working at courthouse fire
 The Lancaster Fire Department

History of the Lancaster Fire Department

The Lancaster Fire Department was established in 1908 consisted of thirteen members and a horse drawn wagon. Along with help from the community by way of the "Leather Bucket Brigade," formed methods of controlling and extinguishing fires. Communications consisted of a shotgun blast to alert members that they were needed to respond to a fire in the community.

The department's equipment was housed in two sheds attached to the rear of the Lancaster Police Department, located in the 100 block of North Main Street. In 1935, the City of Lancaster purchased three pieces of motorized fire apparatus and a structure was now needed to house this apparatus.  This structure was the first firehouse in Lancaster and was built of block, brick and mortar by the "WPA", Workers Progress Administration. The structure was attached to the north side of the Lancaster Police Department at the same location.  This structure served as the Lancaster Fire Department until 1971, when a second station was erected on East Arch Street and the old station was closed.  A third station was erected in 1985 on Hubbard Drive. the department was all volunteer until 1969, at which time the City hired career members to man the stations and assist volunteer firefighters at the fire scene.  At present, The Lancaster Fire Department consists of 26 career members and 15 volunteers who operate out of the two stations.

The Lancaster Fire Department also supports an Explorer post. This post has 15 young adults from the ages of 14 to 21. the explorer post allows these members that might be interested in a fire service career to experience the day to day life of a firefighter. The Explorer members are assigned firefighting gear and allowed to train along side of career and volunteer members. At the age of 18, the Explorer members can apply for membership as a volunteer firefighter.

Above is one of the first three apparatus that the Lancaster Fire Department purchased.  At the time, we were still in the building on North Main Street. Note the stairs on the front of the courthouse in the background to the left.