L-1 at Brenda K's Fire LFD Title Bar L-1 working at courthouse fire
 The Lancaster Fire Department

During most of the year 2011, members of the LFD constructed a training center on the top floor of a building that Springs Industries released to the city. the training center includes a maze, a residential structure, a commercial office building, a commercial store, a classroom and an apartment.
The training area is utilized by all of the Lancaster County Emergency Services.

Each occupancy has an elevated observation platform for instructors or evaluators to view operations in each area without being in the way of students or operations.

Follow the links below to view a tour of each of the occupancies:

101 Main Street - Residential Occupancy

102 Main Street - Maze

103 Main Street - Business Office Occupancy

104 Main Street - Apartment Occupancy

105 Main Street - Convience Store Occupancy

201 Main Street - our "Firehouse"

203 Main Street - Educational Occupancy